Viridian’s 7 Continents in 7 Years CSR Program – Year 1

It was my privilege to join with Viridian in telling the story of their social and environmental outreach programs. I traveled to 5 of Earth’s 7 continents, and Polynesia, documenting Viridian’s efforts to bring light, energy, clean water, healthier forests, healthcare and hope to impoverished communities throughout the world. The video series produced from these efforts brought tremendous awareness to Viridian’s efforts, as well as multiple awards.

Year 1 – Brazil

My work in Brazil came in two parts. First, I did post-production on footage shot by DP Clay Olsen of the Executive team visiting the rain forest and scoping out the project. This video was to set the stage for the entire 7 Continents in 7 Years program as well as generate excitement for this particular project to be embarked on.

4 months later, it was time to go and do the work.

This video follows part 1 and tells the full story of the execution of the project by members of Viridian’s corporate staff and top earning associates.

In addition to all the hard work, there was a lot of fun had during the trip. This video covers the full experience of the participants ranging from fishing for piranha, trekking in the jungle, relaxing at the beach and experiencing a life of luxury.

Production took place on-location in the Mamori River region of the Amazon rain forest, near Manaus, as well as in Rio De Janeiro. All footage was shot on Panasonic HVX-200As, GoPro Hero 2s and a Canon T2i; audio captured with Sennheiser Me-66 shotgun microphones. All media management was done with a Mac laptop and portable hard drives in the field.
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