Viridian CSR Program

I’ve worked with Viridian basically since its inception as a company back in 2009. I directed, shot and edited their first set of branded video content, and have had a hand in nearly every other video piece that has ever been created at Viridian. The video marketing tools that we created helped this network marketing startup grow a remarkable 585% over a five year period and is now listed as the 53rd largest direct selling company in the world by Direct Selling News.

Aside from simply producing top notch video sales tools to help Viridian grow their business, it was also my privilege to join with Viridian in telling the story of their social and environmental outreach programs. I traveled to 5 of Earth’s 7 continents, and Polynesia, documenting Viridian’s efforts to bring light, energy, clean water, healthier forests, healthcare and hope to impoverished communities throughout the world. The video series produced from these efforts brought tremendous awareness to Viridian’s efforts, as well as multiple awards.

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