Though I’ve done a great deal of work for KPMG over the last few years, there is one project in particular I’m quite proud of. We were asked to concept and execute on a video series that would highlight KPMG’s overseas client resource center. But KPMG always had a tendency to get stuck with the typical executive talking head videos and were looking for more creative ways to present content that tended to the more mundane side.

I pitched the concept to present this suite of KPMG services as a hosted travel-type show. We would take the viewers to the location to give them a real sense for what it’s like and how it works. And our host would be the surrogate “student” for everyone else.

Pre-production spanned about 3 months as I oversaw content-focused client interviews, detailed scriptwriting, talent auditioning and hiring, travel and logistics planning and production scheduling and resourcing.

Principal photography for the project took place over a 2 week period on-location in Bangalore, India and in New York City. Local crews and fixers were hired to fill out the production team in each location.

Post-production lasted about 6 weeks as we edited, designed and animated several motion graphics segments, graded, sound designed and mixed, and even created a trailer to tease the video series.

The videos on this page are a few of several videos in this completed series.


Agency: Blink Worldwide
Director/Producer: Scott Hyldahl
Director of Photography: Markus Aedo
Assistant Camera: Ben Zurcher
Editing: Markus Aedo and Scott Hyldahl
Motion Graphics: Zach Youngblood and Ben Zurcher
Sound: Blaine Stewart, The Stewdio

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