scottScott’s professional background spans a number of different industries and mediums, which all inform and contribute to his current work as Executive Producer.  Even before graduating from high school, Scott worked as a freelance camera operator and editor for everything from athletic events to weddings.  This led him to the creation of his own video production business, which served to continue to hone his skills and pay for his college education. His affinity for anything to do with a camera and a computer led him to become a key member of Utah State University’s Athletics scoreboard production crew, where he filled roles such as camera operator, replay operator, technical director and director.  His leadership in the crew eventually earned him multiple crew spots on live television productions and a full tuition scholarship, which allowed him to finish his degree.

After earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Utah State University and completing graduate level film production course work at the University of Utah, Scott picked up a job as an animator at a startup production company called Timeline Films.  During the proceeding eight years, he produced hours and hours of elegant animation, story-driven video content and leading-edge interactive work.  He was promoted to Partner and head of the video department after three years and invited to join in the ownership of the company.  As Partner and Executive Producer, Scott helped guide the company through the great recession, an acquisition of a smaller design firm to form the new full-service marketing agency Advent Integrated, and an expansion into multiple new markets.  Scott’s efforts, along with his partners and dedicated employees, led to the acquisition in 2015 of Advent Integrated by Blink Marketing Group based in Norwalk, CT. Together, they have formed Blink Worldwide, in which Scott continues to act as Partner and Executive Producer and lends his expertise in providing B2B marketing services to many national and global brands.

Some of Scott’s most defining work has come in the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility.  His efforts with a handful of environmentally-conscious companies has led him to produce evocative and resonating video across 5 of the Earth’s 7 continents and in some of the world’s most remote and forgotten locations.  His work became instrumental in helping one of these companies launch and grow 585% over a five year period.

Scott is equally adept at directing studio interviews of heads of state or high-powered CEOs as he is perched in a tree filming endangered Bornean orangutans or trekking in the Amazon Rain Forest.  His leadership and contribution to his team of editors, animators and designers has also led to multiple motion graphics and animation awards and brought a thoughtfully designed and clarifying voice to a myriad of complex industries, companies, products and services.

At his heart, Scott thrives on creation – using simple tools to tell stories and build new things and ideas.  This helps to explain his shameless adult obsession with LEGO and his unstoppable urge to tear apart and remodel every house he’s ever owned.  (By the way, the first film that Scott ever made was an epic stop-motion LEGO film about the fall of Rome for his 7th grade history class.  This was also the moment that he learned he would never make it as a voice-over artist.)

Scott resides in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, UT with his incredibly supportive wife, three beautiful kids, and the family pooch.